Our Rebranding Story

Becoming Little Treehouse Kindergarten

Becoming Little Treehouse Kindergarten

After celebrating 50 years of providing quality early childhood education in the Remuera community, we felt it was time for a fresh new name and brand that reflected our unique kindergarten and its values. We are now Little Treehouse Kindergarten

While there was sadness in losing our long-standing name, we’re excited about the possibilities of our new brand and vision for the future. 


Time for change

A key driver for changing our name from St Lukes Kindergarten was the understandable misconception that we are located in the suburb of St Lukes. In addition, sharing the name with St Lukes Church also implied the kindergarten was connected with the Church and provided religious programmes, as is commonly the case with kindergartens located on Church premises. 


The process

Supported by Roland Meissner from Love Your Brand, the rebranding process has been a journey of reviewing our strategic direction and values. The challenging task of considering endless name ideas, to get the right fit, was followed by what ended up being a simple process of deciding on a logo to represent our chosen name and values. It has been a true team effort over several months and we are all very proud of the result. The new brand was just the beginning, with the development of a new website, new signage, publications and, over time, upgrades to our kindergarten to reflect our new brand.


Introducing Little Treehouse Kindergarten

In November 2018, Little Treehouse Kindergarten blossomed into life. 

We believe the name Little Treehouse suits our kindergarten. Our ‘little’ friends love spending time outdoors, enjoying nature, including our trees – which we are very lucky to have.  Trees signify children’s growth and the branches their learning.

A treehouse is a playful place full of adventure.

Our small unique kindergarten has a ‘homely’ feel where the children feel safe and secure. 

The name even suits our existing ‘Wise Owls’ ready for school programme and we look forward to continuing to grow lots of happy and confident wise owls in our Little Treehouse.

We’re excited about what the future holds for us as the Little Treehouse Kindergarten. The possibilities are endless with a strong brand, a real commitment and belief in who we are and what we do, and a long-standing presence in the community.  

Thank you to our kindergarten community for your ongoing support.